"Right Back"

Verse 1
Knew it on the low
But didn’t say it tho
Only a matter of time till I’d lose you
Cuz you get up and go
Baby you be hittin’ road
Soon as you had someone lined up I’d lose you
And I can’t even lie when I’m faded
I flirt with the thought I should call you and say this
Baby I was down to die for the cause you and I had it all
Well except for the patience, damn

Know that she’d been around
Been around
Been around
Somehow I brought her right back
Brought her right back
Know that she got around
Got around
Got around
Now she going right back

But when I was with you
Had me on a string
Had me doing things
Never thought I’d ever do
You told me everything
Pick up when it rang
Now it’s like we never knew

Verse 2
Heard it on the low
That you no longer alone
Tell me does he turn you on like I used to
f*ck it I don’t wanna know
Baby I been touchin’ road
Gotta get outta the mold that I’m used to
And even if I’m finding a way
For my mind to erase
All we had that’s a lot yea
You still on my mind everyday
If I died you would take up my last couple thoughts yea yea

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