"Medical Marijuana"

Redman: Eh, Redman is in the building and I got a PSA announcement. If you in Detroit, Michigan. I repeat, if you in the D-Town, and you need some good ass Cannabis, well go check out Dr. Khan. He got some fire bud up there and all the medical marijuana to meet your needs. But don’t take my word for it, go check him out on the IG @LazDetroit, that’s LAZ Detroit. Or go look him up. Dr. Khan is putting in some work with that quality control and fire bud. I’m coming to get me some..

Hook 1:
Who’s the doctor to treat your conditions?
Who’s the doc that refills your prescriptions?
Who’s the doctor to treat your glaucoma?
So take a puff of this medical marijuana
Who’s the doctor to treat your diseases?
Who’s thе doctor that’s there when you needs him?
(Rеdman: Go check out Dr. Khan)
Who’s the doctor to treat your myeloma?
Come take a puff of this medical marijuana

Hook 2 (x2)
They wanna ban me
I know they can’t stand me
But best believe Dr. Khan gonna get you high
(Redman: Dr. Khan)
They wanna ban me
I know they can’t stand me
But best believe Dr. Khan got that supply
(Redman: Dr. Khan)

Somebody calling for a doctor
And Dr. Dre ain’t around so Dr. Khan had to pop up
The only rapper on the roster, with a license to practice medicine, and an NPI number proper
Microphone chopper, light up a bone, get in my zone, nobody stopping me
Get on my nerves and this herb cures my neuropathy
What is this hypocrisy that I could see?
It’s finally getting legal in the states
Cannabis sativa, raising queries and debates
Is it a classic gateway to make way for addiction, or valid treatment through physicians’ prescriptions
It kicks in, shoots you to the sky like a cannonball
9-Delta tetrahydrocannabinol
It’s called, not accepted by the corporate society
But I got patients I gave it to, cured their anxiety
What is this disparity? I done used it to treat nausea from chemotherapy, Cannabinoid receptors in the brain it reach, recapturing a dementia patient’s memories
You smoke get, hypnosis, I go up, with doses
Loosen tight muscles up from Multiple sclerosis
I flow sick, this sticky icky, you could go and light this, this joint’ll fix the joint of rheumatoid arthritis
You could all recite this, ‘cause what I flow is facts, seizures resistant when you
Prophylaxed with, Keppra and Topamax treated when you rolled a sack
Of this good kush homie, come and get a load of that
Now hold it back, inhale, hold it together
This ganja could treat a Parkinsonian tremor
Proceed to blow weed that grows for me
I tried every anti-inflammatory known to be, but never ever thought this weed’a be what holds the key, to decrease the belly pain from my Crohn’s disease
Smoke the reefer, relieve my backache and shoulders, free the optic nerve from your glaucoma, slow the tumor growth of multiple myeloma
You just puff, puff, give and pass it over
Smoke it or vape it, when you hit the dispensary
Get the oil, mix it up, or sip it up in your tea, So pardon it, legally, I’m treating with CBD
Here go the script for my patient the Funk D.O.C
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