Well Well Well lyrics



[Hook: Redman & DJ Scoob Doo]
Well well well (Live From The Bricks!)
Well well well (Let's take it in Paris, Italy)
Well well well (Switzerland, Amsterdam, Holland, London)
Well well well (Live From The Bricks, let's go!)

[Verse 1: Redman]
Yo, this for them n*ggas that roll in the truck
Music on blast, .44 by the gut
Most of these rap n*ggas' flow really suck
Me flow satellite, I'm so serious
I have your grand mama doin' a gimme up
Heard my album has dropped and heard Gilla House poppin'
When I get weed in me, this how it sound
As much as I smoke, flip me by the pound
Back me up, sell it, 8 gram outta town
When you hit it, yeah, be me for a while
This Noble first child, I'm hot like po-pow
Fall back, reload, when the shotgun run out
The hood is real hungry for lyrics like mine
Can't mimic my shine, you're made in Taiwan
You copycat can't rip when the mic's on
You're a busta, when the gun click, you've been warned

[Hook: Redman & DJ Scoob Doo]
Well well well (Shout to the whole Gilla House) (Yeah)
Well well well (All the hoods is fiend, Barcelona)
Well well well (Gilla House n*ggas) (Shout out to the whole [?])
Well well well (Live From The Bricks)

[Verse 2: Redman & DJ Scoob Doo]
Yo, this for them b*tches that roll in a whip
Blunt in the mouth, .22 by the clit
None of them skinny, they all lookin' thick
Got baby daddy tattoos on they left tit
I sh*t on anything, dog, by any means
Stomach got White Castle burger and chicken reames
The Gilla team fly for a headshot
"Pick it up!" show you a real meanin' of a headlock
"Stick 'em up!" homie of the chain, ridiculous
n*gga, what? You a fiend, here, let me fix you up
Back to the block, shots of Patrons
"Here, smell it" that's my new [?] cologne
I talk so [?], even a young lad, I was bad
Pullin' ass on my pop's home phone
The guap gets on when the block get blown
Here's some how sh*t for 'em and the doc gets on
(Live From The Bricks!)

[Hook: Redman & DJ Scoob Doo]
Well well well (Live From The Bricks) (Yeah, yeah)
Well well well (Hahaha) (Reportin' live)
Well well well (From Brick City, to wherever you at in the world) (Yeah)
Well well well
[Outro: Redman & DJ Scoob Doo]
Gilla (Live From The Bricks!)
Gilla House n*ggas is in the motherf*ckin' building again, n*gga
You already know what it is, n*gga
Live From The Bricks!
Doing this for my n*ggas over there in Paris

"Do you smoke?"
"What the hell has that got to do with anything? Do I smoke."
"Do you smoke?"
"Give me your lighter."
"My, my lighter?"
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