Jersey Conference Call (skit) lyrics



[Redman] Ay, tell that b*tch to bring me something to drink, n*gga
[Man] Ay, f*ck you, n*gga
[R] Ha, man
[DJ Scoob Doo] Yo
[R] Ay, yo, what it is, n*gga?
[S] Red, what's good, my n*gga?
[R] Ay, what up, Scoob? Dude, how you, homie?
[S] Man, you already knowin', n*gga, I just came from the West Coast, man, I just came from Down South, I just been all across the nation real quick
[R] Yessir, yessir
[S] But I'm back, back in the hood. We gotta let these n*ggas know, 'cause n*ggas thinking that Jersey's New York, man
[R] Word, word
[S] No disrespect, man, but Jersey's not New York, man. So Red, let's put this sh*t together. Live From The Bricks. Gotta let the world know what's going on over here
[R] Gotta let 'em know, gotta let 'em know
[S] Hear me?
[R] I hear you!
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