"Catch Up Song"

[Verse 1: Yakko]
Taxies are Ubers, the stars are YouTubers
Neil Tyson gave Pluto the axe
Cell phones got smarter, the oceans got hotter
The global economy collapsed

[Verse 2: Yakko]
We get internet deals on our hyphenate meals
Like cage-free, vegan-paleo sausage
We don't leave our homes thanks to Amazon drones
They track what we do through our watches

[Chorus: Yakko, Wakko, and Dot]
What's going on? Will we be okay?
Has it all gonе mad since we went away?
Oh, updatе us, please, and put us at ease
'Cause we've run out of jokes
About the '90s

[Verse 3: Yakko]
Al Gore lost bad 'cause of one hanging chad
Dubya hunted for WMDs
Obama brought hope, so Clinton thought "Dope!
2016 should be a real breeze!"

[Spoken: Yakko, Dot]
So Hillary finally broke that glass ceiling?
No, but it certainly does feel like it's raining shards of glass all around us!
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