"Reboot It"

[Verse 1: Yakko, Wakko, Dot, All]
They ran out of ideas for fresh new shows
So Hollywood did the only thing it knows

Murphy Brown, Melrose Place
Gilmore Girls, Lost In Space
That's So Raven's what they're cravin'
(I know that's a show worth savin')
I vote X-Files for a comeback
(Ducovny's still a real snack)

Would the Golden Girl's be darker
If we resurrect Bea Arthur?

[Chorus: All, Yakko]
Reboot it, renew it
Reshoot it, redo it
And reuse it, retool it
Abuse it, just do it
If you wanna make some easy cash, just recycle and rehash

Repeat it, rеinstate it
Reheat it, rеcreate it
There's no need to feel frustrated
Simply just regurgitate it

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