"Bonding Song"

[Verse 1: Brain]
Bonding, you're not programmed to hug
Bonding, but that's a feature, not a bug
Bonding, hit it past second base
Bonding, we control Chinese aerospace

[Verse 2: Brain]
Bonding, let's get this catch on the shore
Bonding, extract its uranium core
Bonding, hands at 10 and 2
James Bonding, it's a military coup

[Bridge: Pinky]
Oh, what is this emptiness? I never realized what I had
Oh, how I've dreamt of this, all I ever wanted was a-

[Spoken: Pinky]
Pizza roll. Oh, it's still ice cold in the middle. Hm

[Verse 3: Brain]
Bonding, visit old London town
Bonding, steal the jewels from the Crown
Bonding, it's not only for glue
Bonding, it's something I do with you
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