[Intro: Loverboy Nel]
(Tiny di*k Gang!)
Hey man, how's your day been?
Well, that just sounds amazing
Great job getting sh*t stocked
Now you better keep your f*cking door locked
f*ck what you heard
Loverboy here to flip the bird
Yuh, ayy, ayy, ayyy
(Senju, are you okay?)

[Verse 1: Loverboy Nel]
Attack like titans
Look who I'm fighting
Take a couple xans its so exciting
Stop your typing, cancel Skyping
The copyright strike hits hard like lighting
Flows igniting, brand new sighting
Can you rap good?
Looks so inviting
Test your might thing, quickscope sniping
Yeah we got bars, better work on writing
b*tch I'm back to ace this test
Look at the crowd wondering who, who's next?
27, Senju, and yours truly
Masterpieces that are unruly
Gods on the track and thats a fact
Gotta wait for Eminem just to tеxt me back
Pay attention to what you're missing
For f*ck sakеs, hey listen! (Hey listen!)
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