"Welcome To 2020 Freestyle (Pop Smoke Remix)"

Oh yeah, A-V
Baby, welcome to 2020, I ain't playin' games with anybody, no
You ain't gotta get the picture, I'm not in the frame with anybody, no
Countin' 20K in 20s in a 20-plate, let's get this money, whoa
Got the baton in the Batmobile
Man was dealin' when I had no deal
I just left the dealership
The whip was cocaine white, it cost a box, whoa
Now the only time I touch brown
Is when I tell 'em Henny on the rocks, whoa
Started buildin' from a block
sh*t was dodgy, I was dodgin' the cops
With the posse, the impossible job
I saw opportunity and they just saw the opps
They just see me shoot my shot, I just see a n*gga gettin' gun down
That was back in Seven Sisters on the 67, way before the bus down
Tryin' to eat, they gave my n*gga A
Beat the odds, he never beat the case
Played my cards right, now it's Ace of Spades
Felt the wrath of God, I'm in a Wraith tryin' to innovate
Never saw me at functions when I was broke, man, how do you function?
Never got tired, but I had a few punctures
All of this cash on me, two-twos just made another 200
Could've caved in 'cause we're comin' from dungeons
Where they runnin' from the runners
Cold streets, heated summers I was sellin' snow
Then my homie showed me Tony's story
First you get the money then you get hoes
On the road to riches in a stolen Civic, I was scared [?]
If it's dirty money then we're cleanin' up
And if it's not, you gotta let 'em go
Let me go and get it
Ain't nobody gotta get it for me I was in the streets
Really trappin' for my freedom
Find kinda captivatin' so I didn't leave
And the way I made a livin' made my mama livid
Now I make her live her dreams
Made it through them dark days, copped the coupe got the windows tinted
Limousine, 'cause the sh*t I've seen
Never had a top ten, but I'm top ten
Top tier, man, what an injustice
Gal on my case like how do I bust this?
All of these racks on me, the penny really dropped when them bustlin'
Yeah, there's a us in hustlin'
So with my hittas with me tryna hit 'em and we don't ever wanna hit and hope
I'ma break bread with my brothers
None of 'em runners, got 'em on they toes
I'm a visionary, I had 20/20 vision way before the year was 2020
I'ma turn the game into a cemetery
Leave it dead and buried with a flow, whoa

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