Ziggy Marley

"Welcome to the World (Live)"

[Chorus:] Welcome to the world I can't promise it’s a good place
Welcome to the world I can't promise it’s a cool place
I could tell you stories I tell you the truth
I could sugar coat it try to make you the fool
And soon you’ll see anyway that this is life
And soon you’ll see anyway that you got to fight

I could give you roses for you to make your bed
But this bed of roses is only in your head
Cause every rose has its thorn
And every ego has its wants

I don’t know when innocence is lost
And I don’t know when you pay the cost
Well if your back is against the wall
You’ve got to stand for who you are

People are suffering children have no food
Keep your eyes wide open check the golden rule
The love inside will make you cry
The fight inside will make you try


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