Me or the PS5 lyrics


​salem ilese

[Intro: BoyWithUke]
Alright, I don't usually rap, but here we go

[Verse 1: salem ilese & BoyWithUke]
It's me or the PS5
Tell me which of us is more your type
Seems like you can't decide
So if it's not me
Then I'm probably gonna run it over

[Verse 2: BoyWithUke]
I'd like to see you try it
I know you know I notice whenever you're lying
Whenever we're fighting, and you don't have a ride
Guess who hopped into my coupe and then apologized
It's not me, It's you
Who I'm talking to
I got few to lose
I'm tied tight like shoes
So don't f*ck up my life
Try to be nice
Haven't I had a rough night to be tried
Heterosexualizing the rhymes in the time that we hide behind
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