Kill Switch lyrics



[Intro: Sneezo Quixk & GetRichZay]
Grrat (Vrr)
Uh-huh, vrr
Uh-huh, let's go, let's go (Pah-pah)
(Frxncko made the beat)
Gang, gang, grrt

[Verse 1: Sneezo Quixk & GetRichZay]
Ayy, black box, kill switch, we tryna knock his head off (Tryna knock his head off, grrt)
n*gga shot his whole clip, ain't hit, he know he dead wrong (He dead wrong)
I ain't finna make a diss song (Nah), I give out head stones (Grrt, I give out head stones)
I told that b*tch I match her energy, I'm on what she on (Aight, let's go)
Yeah, I might take the b*tch to my home (Yeah), she got her head on (She got her head right)
Yeah, put the beam beside the scope, I swear this b*tch be dead on (Pah, boom, boom)
Ayy, shot his mans, he still ain't shoot that n*gga, know he dead wrong (Aight, come on)
Ayy, shot the clip, we seen him swerve (Vfft), I say, "Lil Flip, let's head home (Let's go, aight, come on)
I just bought some brand-new Jordan 1s, he can't get stepped on (He can't get stepped on)
I just served him, dawg, he think it's raw, but that sh*t that stepped on (But that sh*t stepped on)
That b*tch is fresher there, they blew him down, he had on VLONE (He had on VLONE)
I loaded up my di*k and spinned his block, that b*tch got peed on (That b*tch got peed on, booom, boom, boom)
I don't f*ck with peons, b*tch, get the f*ck on (b*tch, get the f*ck on)
Come up in the trap, ain't suckin' di*k? Then you get sent home (Then you get sent home)
Think he got a lick, reach for my sh*t, we f*cked 'round, busted his dome (We f*cked 'round, busted his dome)
Put up on the dead and we was waitin', we f*cked 'round, got 'em gone (We f*cked 'round, got 'em gone)

[Verse 2: GetRichZay]
Yeah, f*cked 'round, did 'em on cam', I ain't had my mask on, aight, come on (Damn)
Swear this Draco got my back, this b*tch got my back bone (I swear)
Ayy, tried to run off with my sh*t (Ayy), he lost his back bone (Come on, aight, come on)
I put Chrome Heart on my chest, you know my heart chrome
Ayy, racks on top his head (Racks, racks), them boys gon' get him gone
Aight, come on
Ayy, this might be my favorite song (Yeah, yeah)
Ayy, we sit down and politic (Shh), we don't talk on phone (Uh-huh)
Yup, on the block I'm by myself, I feel like home alone (Let's go)
Ayy, white cluff from outta town, look just like Post Malone (Aight, come on)
Ayy, got the drop on where he stay (Ayy), better not take no pics at home (Aight, aight, come on)
Ayy, sent a text, then called her, "Bae" (Bae), I finesed her out her dome (Aight, come on)
Ayy, we gon' get up with his ass, I swear that sh*t ain't gon' take long (Aight, come on)
Ayy, took my Draco out to eat (Ayy, aight, come on)
This my bae right here (I love you), I love that b*tch (I love you), I swear that b*tch don't cheat (I love you, baddie, aight, come on)
Ayy, rob his ass and drop a bag, this sh*t I put on, sh*t ain't cheap (Aight, come on)
Ayy, mixed the VLONE with Balenci', plus this ARP on fleek (AR, aight, come on)
[Verse 3: Sneezo Quixk]
Enough, damn, Knockout told me, "Quit playin' with these n*ggas, get back in kill mode" (Get back in kill mode)
Got shooters in the field, they spikin' knots like this the end zone (Like this the end zone)
Sneezo Gang frontin' you, we passed 'em in the red zone (Passed 'em in the red zone)
We just burnt the streets and made it hot, can't talk on no phones (Pah, pah, pah, can't talk on no phones)
Blood in my eyes, but I ain't nervous (I ain't nervous)
Had to cut him off, he ain't right, I heard he workin' (I heard he workin')
I don't need no drugs, boost my head when I'm purgin' (When I'm purgin')
We the ones that catch 'em n*ggas actin' close the curtains (Close the curtains)
We the ones that pull up, get to blastin' through his jersey (Through his jersey)
Ayy, Low Range Gang, we gon' catch him while he swervin' (Catch him while he swervin')
Ayy, talk about gang, we the ones who really lurkin' (Really lurkin')

[Outro: GetRichZay & Sneezo Quixk]
Grrt, boom
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