Blacked Out* lyrics


Stephen Sanchez

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(Stephen Sanchez)
Wrap me up in all your—, I want ya
In my arms, oh, let me hold ya

(DC The Don)
Get the back in, in the back in, then i backed out
In the fast car, they gonna scream my name when i back out
Getting high ass f*ck, so I've been feeling too blacked out
I might just stay with my hoe, blowin' her back out

(Stephen Sanchez , Georgia Brown, DC The Don)
"I would never fall in love again until I found her" (Yeah)
I said, "I would never fall, (Woah) unless it's you I fall into"
I was lost within the darkness, (Yeah, Yeah, Yeah) but thеn I found her
I found you (Yeah, Yeah, Yеah)

(DC The Don)
Yeah, Aye
At the interstate I'm like woah, woah, woah (woah)
Okay that sh*t i spent, why the f*ck these n*ggas stink
Riding around this b*tch, McLaren
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