John Maus

"Love Letters from Hell (2000)"

Well, I'm filling in for Gracie Robbins tonight, yeah

Feeling very sorry, that it
Hasn't rained I'll year
I'm feeling very sorry, that I
That I got the fear

It's taking time to sort through my winding mind
Where I can smell her on my neck

You got to, you got to run away
You got to, you got to find a way, baby
You got to fade away until there's no one left but you
The ship is down

Skins is on the sidewalk, killing things with acid
Mom is in the kitchen, drawing for her father
Meaningless as music making as amusement
Slides into the doorway, shattering like horseplay

I am, I am sending you
A love letter from hell

f*ck the boys, f*ck all the boys
f*ck girls while you're at it
Log into a limousine
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