John Maus

"Flesh Box"

Let's break through the madness of the night
Everything is gonna be alright
Soon this life will be over

Run through the darkness and the streets
So no one else can see
Death move a little closer

You say you really really love me
But that's because you hate me
Now, I say I really really hate you
But that's because I love you

Ask yourself, do you really really want this life?
Do you really really want this?
I need to know, I need you now
Ask yourself, could you ever make the sacrifice?
Could you ever ever stop it?
I need to know, I want you dead


Every day I dream of you
Because I'm stuck inside this flesh

Dream of all the things you do
Because I'm stuck inside this flesh
Painful, scary, smelly flesh
Sick and saddened, worthless flesh
To turn it off, to long for death
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