Caving lyrics


Jam Baxter

[Verse 1]:
The sheep’s bleating again, fetch the abattoir, the creeps speaking again, fetch the man a scar, fetch the spinning blades, fetch the bag of tar, f*ck it… just fetch death from the knackers yard… and tell him there’s a brare in a tin zoo, living in the dim-blue dinge of his igloo, clinging to the frostbitten fingers he slipped through, loose lips, licking at a picture a kid drew… this tubes channeling the hidden fee, isn’t cheap, isn’t freedom and isn’t me, it’s a leach in the bеak of infinity, reaping the sweetness, a fleeting еpiphany… flea bitten symmetry, muff mitten contrast, bon soir see you at the docks where the swamps are, what star? did you say something, brain crushing… watch out, the caves coming…
Is this me is this what we’ve become?
Will this sea of sick stop when I’m stung?
Am I lost? Am I dumb? Am I still the same person? Or are there other grim songs to be sung like…
Is this me is this what we became?
With this sea of sick clogged in my drain?
Am I lost? Am I sane? Am I still the same person? Or is some other c*nt lodged in my brain?
[Verse 2]:
Did you slip from a wooden rung, sugar plum, looking dumb, loving it… cooking up trouble with an oven-mitt… cup of spit village, something in the waters got a rubber fish picking at another spring chicken, but ‘em lips grinning… bright lights big city, wide eyes hype hype spit gritty, night night miss piggy, day break ain’t made of space age equipment, same same but different… vacate the system, play taint-the-vixen, and fade out… fade out… it’s the trape’s now, lay down, stand up scream about it, bruv… is that a bush can’t we beat around it, is that you for the evening, the Hoover’s are creeping, a suitable reason, to shoot at the ceiling, the future’s congealing, revealing the truth in a mutant retreating…
I’ve been on the search for a feeble excuse, it’s late night and the demons are loose… (we stay clucking) cause I’ve never been a stranger to cerebral abuse, it’s late night, come, we leap from the roof… (but say nothing) so watch me take a piece of my youth, and tear it up like a beat in the booth… (it’s brain crushing) and you can say I’m being a juice, it’s fair enough I’m just speaking the truth… (the caves coming)
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