Astral lyrics



Okay the best and it’s evident
My haters keep me relevant
They gon write everything i do and keep a testament
Feed off different elements
My ignorance a sentiment
The ego really delicate
School judged me for my penmanship
f*ck yo little college membership
Opened ur mind just to show that i’m heaven-sent
Rolling off the tongue bro
You should rеally love bro
My love feel like cutthroat
I could rеally cut throats
I would rather not put the sword the sheath
Steady at the top while you laying beneath
When she gave me top i ain’t even feel the teeth
Dedication teach the nations how to breathe
Blood relations ain’t really mean sh*t to me
Show ur constellation and i see if we compete
f*ck the corporations they should work a job for me
Deprivation got me manifesting in my sleep
In a astral realm that these n*ggas cannot see
In a physical world where theres power when you speak
A politic world ain’t where i wanna be
So just follow me ima try to set us free
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