"Strive (Acapella)"

[Verse 1]

I’m growing everyday, mark what I say
I’m tracing a path from the past to the future
Gotta be my own woman, stand on my own two
Eat food, get paid despite what others do
To thine own self be loyal, true it is
I got pets, two cats, and they act just like kids
When they hungry they cop fits and them collectors want money
So how I'ma let a strange up and take that from me?
Burn my time and energy, j*rks ain’t no friends to me
Could solitude be the remedy, Nah
I need love in my life, friends by my side
Live stimulation, banter, conversation
Good vibe relations, don’t think I’m asking for much
But these things just don't fall out the sky
Some skunk be so krunk
It make me wanna spend my whole life hi float on a puff of smoke
And coast by lye multiply my ESP and sharpen my focus
Things look clear now, they used to look hopeless


Don’t stop striving, it’s all to the good, baby
If you need guidance, take a minute and marinate
Who ya gonna help if you can’t help yo'self?
Where you gonna go when there ain’t no place left?
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