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Been getting money, I just got me some Ricks
Uppin' the pole, watch me play with my stick
Walk in the party she takin' a flick
Feel like Silento, I hop out a whip
Shout out to Travis, walk in and it's lit
You wonderin If I gotta go to a shift
You play with my money, R. Kelly I'm p*ssed
That boy got a gun but he still is a b*tch
Yo, yo hoe she hitting my phone, what about it?
I got that chopper and I don't talk about it
That n*gga stay in the burbs, I don't doubt it
I got your b*tch in the crib and she shouting
Feel like Desiigner, got broads in Atlanta
Getting Romani, man shout out to Tana
I'm going right back to surgeon cause there was this white hoe talking, I think her name, ha
Feeling like Tecca, I did it again
Call up the church, cause I'm starting to sin
Whip is too foreign, don't know what I'm in
Calling [?] I needed some beans
600 [?] so I just got a bag
Only 16 and I got a motherf*ckin' M
Wifing a hoe, that I already had, In reality I feel embarrassed for him
Hit him now he need a medic
He tried to dissed me, he finna regret it
[?] shout out to Kevin
I'm finna f*ck his lil hoe just for leverage
She sucking me, she in need of a beverage
She so f*cking annoying, she making my head itch
Dirty ass n*gga, I know that yo bed itch
She think I'm magic, I ain't talking Quidditch, yeah
These n*ggas think I'm a threat to they b*tches so he had to tell that lil hoe just to block me
I'm finna come to yo motherf*ckin' crib and have your little dirty ass hoe come and top me
I do not play with the bread n*gga, I need my pack asap, I ain't talking bout Rocky
This n*gga think he got beef with 600, it's crazy as f*ck that he ain't even shot me
Or she shoot me? but f*ck it
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