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Been getting racks n*gga call me the band man
Bands in my left and the Glock in my right hand
My pockets gucci down they xanman
I just slapped robin in gotham with batman
I’m up in metropolis chillin wit superman
Chillin wit soulja boy, hitting the superman
I’m finna send that boy to the angels
Yeah but i’m chillin wit [?]
Stuck ya head in ya dreams like freddy
Shooter man cole bennett but i’m not talkin [?]
Get a girl 5 nights at my crib not talkin freddy’s
Finna leave him like the brother of-
No fortnite but i stay wit the whiplash
I feel like autumn! i think the whip might crash
He talk down ima knock off his (eyelash?)
These n*ggas be funny they Tpindеll
Harry potter the Glock it’s casting a spell
I feel likе yeat n*gga, here’s a bell
I just poured a 8 i feel like yams

W-w-walk in yo trap finna hit me a lick
I’m feeling like morty, walk out wit the rick
I’m wit luisss n*gga we gon slide wit a stick
n*ggas talking down but my pockets be on brick
I been pouring the 4 got a young n*gga sick
And i be wit my dogs n*gga like a b*tch
Walk in the trap wit a hunnid
You say i’m broke n*gga show me a hunnid uh
I get the pack and i punt it
Lil bro u not hard n*gga stop all that frontin
And i keep the glick on me boy i don’t lack
That n*gga talk down he get put in a-
That n*gga talk down he get put in a pack b*tch
n*ggas beefing over hoes
And my shooters they on go
My .556s hit his nose
Said he want smoke we kick his door
Yo b*tch gon suck di*k on the low
Yo b*tch gon suck di*k cause i’m 4
I keep that Glock on me fa sho
Don’t make me bring out f*ckin pole b*tch
One shot to his head leave his ass in a casket
Oh f*ck, that n*gga a f-
African n*gga i slide wit a basket
I’m wit a stick tryna catch him in traffic
Walk out the house wit the Glock i ain't lackin
Shoot at n*gga if i see he flaggin
f*ck happened to the beat?
f*ck it
1, 2 b*tch
Bullets go straight for you
B-b-been on the block n*gga since i was 2
Why these n*ggas hating i don’t have a clue
I know he broke ain’t nothing new
I ain't a crip but my hunnids they pop
Talk down he get hit wit a .762
Bullets gon hit make a n*gga go “oooooo”and i took yo hoe n*gga come get yo b*tch back
I’m gon drive fast in the car til the whip crash
n*gga got shot but he ain’t get his lick back
Glock on my side make a lil n*gga get back
Draco on me and this sh*t got some kickback
Draco on me and this sh*t got some uh
Man y’all n*ggas ain’t got guns
If i see 12 ima run
If he talking down he done
Cause we shooting at his son
And that n*gga broke man he don’t got no funds
I’ll kill a n*gga i do it for fun
Me and the gang at the top number 1
Smoking yo brother feel it in my lungs b*tch
Dakota where are you?
That n*gga talking get hit wit a boulder
The Glock in my hand give a f*ck bout a holster
You and yo b*tch in a argument
Then she be hitting my phone steady calling me over
n*gga i feel like i’m uzi that boy talking down on my name then i gave him the shoulder
b*tch i need a mil
I’m going up give a f*ck how he feel
Put him on the screen i ain’t talking bout phil, doctor
b*tch in the crib sucking di*k, shocker
I’m tryna hit me a lick
I got a Glock and that bih got a kick, soccer
No i ain’t talking shaquille but she getting annoying
I might have to f*ck around and block her
She seen all my money she calling me magic
I’m feeling like harry no potter
Call me a blood how i come out the cut
I-i got a choppa it’s the size of a truck
That n*gga brain is the size of a nut
She all in my face hoe you doing too much
I been on the street got a UAV
My choppa been shooting like two KDs
I been on the block like a new AD
You stealing my swag, boy you can’t be me b*tch
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