Field Trip lyrics



(Fifteenhunnid, hehe)
Hm, hm
Slatt, yeah, yeah
Hm, hm, rrr
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

I've been runnin' it up in a pandemic
Tell your ho to shut up, put a can in it
I'ma ball out my duffel, no hand in it
Got a Glock-25, got no jam in it
n*gga uppin' his pole, and he jam with it
So in love with my money, I dance with it
Tryna take my ho, you got no chance with it
She gon' suck my soul, takin' my pants with it
If you tryna say I am the best or at least top three, then you gotta be it
I heard he talkin' on 1500, then we put a Glock 45 to his head
We turn that boy to a mo'f*ckin' sandwich, he thought it was up, tryna play with my bread
That boy allergic to all of the bullets, so when my guy hit him he usin' a pen
Beamin' his head, so he puttin' his hands up, wе got a f*ck n*gga runnin'
He want a feature, I need six bands if you want mе to keep it a hunnid
Black and white diamonds, they look like a panda, racks on me, keep thumbin'
These n*ggas mad 'cause I'm gettin' my bands up, racks on me, keep drummin' (Yeah, ha)
Walk in the club and that ho all on me, I tell her to back, back, back
That n*gga talkin' so I took a trip to his field, now I'm feelin' like Zack, Zack, Zack
Morgan Freeman all in my cup, b*tch (Go), I'm sippin' on Act', Act', Act'
I got the BCD all in my wallet, that's why my pockets so fat, fat, fat
Try to run up, then a b*tch n*gga wylin', know I ain't talkin' 'bout bro with a missile
I got a new Spanish ho from the island, she finna blow on my di*k like a whistle
I can't get mad at a n*gga for tryin', even though he know I get too official
We turn that boy to a brand new loose paper if a f*ck n*gga wantin' an issue
I got one more in the chamber, lettin' it go, don't make a movement
I got five hoes in the crib, throwin' it back, makin' a movement
It's a zero percent chance that he run up, if he tryna run up, he stupid
I got zero time for the games, I'm tryna ball in the back like I'm hoopin' (The f*ck?)
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