DAMI BOP lyrics



Like, Dami (f*ck going on, Maajins?)
Like Dami (KashwayzK bro, like everything K, bro)
Like what, like what
Like Dami, like damn
Like, what the f*ck, bruh?
Like Dami, like everything dead (glah)

How you got 500k and you still not lit? (Dami)
Ayo Dami, you a b*tch (Like what, Like what?)
Dami punching all in my spliff (Like, Dami)
Can't wait for the day you run into a Crip (Like, damn)
Run into me, you'll be cast drid
You is a fake ass blood that's not on sh*t
You dead if you talk about 6 (Like what?)
You been fell off, my n*gga, you sh*t (Like damn)
Every Kashwayz shot (they shot)
All of that diss finna get 'em popped
Dami boppin, can't even stop
I feel like Nas, how I'm toting this knock
And it's still free kay out of the rock
In my DM you not on hots
[?] waiting for dami to drop
On God, if you drop that sh*t on flock
Free Dougie and kay [?]
If it wasn't for mike I would know about you
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