My Lonely Soul... lyrics



All i wanna see is bands gucci belt hold up the pants
I just came inside with cash n i left with shopping bags
I did it for a image like heidi montag
Emo swag zombies in the back
Lets live it up pull up windows up shes like whats in your cup
Its 2 bands to pour it up its too bad ur out of luck
Hating on me idgaf im bout to whip a bentley truck
Or a cadillac or sum
Im f*cked up like a Disney star ive been programmed
Walking with some dead people we just hold hands
And the devil on my shoulder were about to slow dance
New money & new brains lets have a toast to that
They watch me like mima
I live my life on tv
Everything in picture perfect
But shes a different behind the curtain
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