Christian bale lyrics



Im in the club dancing
Round’ with a drink
See the cop car yea
They know its mee
Got my drugs n ill
Pack my money
All the things i say r glitter and cold, yea
Baby bet your cold but i swear im colder
Chained to the ice now my heart is frozen
I just hit my party n (?) just shot me
I just got payed so my life is kinda happy
See the stars their so close to meeee
I just caught a bag they never seen
All around me they look just like me just i dont understand why they hate me
They act just like a baby
Its crazy
Pull up in mercedes
Just waste away like christain bale
Throw my money in the airr
b*tch, zbc reading books in the library!
If u luv me u can call me on blackberry
Rcb its me on i look like blackberry
I just scene like what u mean like actually?
U see zbc we like trick or treating
I would push the button if a b*tch tries to run for me
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