Rachel Knight (Banshee)

"Birth of a Banshee"

On the come up
Now I got some sh*t to say
I got numbers
Now yall wanna work with me
Where were you when I was sending beats
For free?
Just sayin, anyway

Men want me dead
They can't like the sh*t I say
And they all want my producer
Till' they find out that it's me
And I'd be lying thru my teeth
If I said I wasn't afraid of
Every time I get out my car
And went to cross the street

Moved to LA two years ago
Got a job in a studio
Alone with a man
Who wanna f*ck me out cold
So I wrote "f*ck With A Witch"
Tatted on my f*ckin' wrist
So it goes

Now it's off with his head
Cause I said so
Now they pull the plug
When I say so
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