[Verse 1: SADFRIENDD, Token & Both]
Big band swapped up in the trap, make a razor blade (Wait)
Got a nine millimeter, she's on green, put the laser in it
Make a band, make it fold, like a lawn chair
Posted in the trap, so we don't need you to belong here
Carry it, yet, I'm violent like a cough, I makin' profit
f*cked up drugs, I'm there, but I'm not there
b*tch, I'm lookin' for the bands, no I keep inventin' it
She was toolin' for automatic, I really f*ckin' meant it

[Verse 2: SADFRIENDD & Token]
I can't stand when these motherf*ckers watchin' me
I take your b*tch up from the mouth on my c*ck to beat
Greasе on my waist, on my motherf*cking Glock will be
I make 'еm freeze, like a statue, don't stop with me
I made him a freak, make him do what a say
Gotta give him mouth to mouth 'cause he's blue in the face
Call my name, I'll let you rizz my only b*tch, but she gay
Comin' out the f*ckin' dirt, like a tomb from the grave

[Bridge: SADFRIENDD & Token]
I don't like to come out at daylight
I pull up in ya spot at the nighttime
We pop out with Draco's and Glock 9's
Leave his body red like a stop sign (Uh)
This b*tch sold her soul for that castle
And we knockin' her out on pills, like her pillow
She got my job on my toy, bendin' her torso
I'ma look like a F league, pull down in sport mode
[Verse 3: SADFRIENDD & Token]
I will tell [?]
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