Savannah Dexter

"Remember Everything"

[Verse 1]
What if I told you 90 days ago my life was in darkness?
Too broke to purchase a canvas with dreams of bein' an artist
For all this hell I was in it
Dropped my first single two weeks after I was evicted
What if I told you it's the brokenness that makes me so heartless?
If I told you I was raped but never pressed charges (No)
I said I hate to admit I'd give it all back just to forget

But I remember everything (Everything)
Yeah, I remember everything (Everything, everything)
Yeah, I remember everything (Everything)
I remember everything (Everything, yeah)
I said I remember all the pain just like it was yesterday
Now I'm finally lettin' go of all the things I shouldn't say
I remember everything (Everything), yeah

[Verse 2]
What if I told you I was in and out of ten different schools?
Overweight so I got bullied by the kids that were cool
What if I told you that I got beat up by the man of my dreams?
I was married and divorced before I turned 19 (Ooh)
I fought for men I don't need
My heart been broke so many times don't know who to believe (Except me)
You didn't love me 'til I signed my deals
So stop tellin' that time's gonna heal
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