Autotune Dragon lyrics



Na, na, na, na, na, na
Yeah, yeah
When you talking to the monster
When you talking to the monster
I don't know the truth b*tch I'm lying
b*tch I'm lying

[Verse 1]
Say whats the blueprint
Say I was moving with the slimes in the slimyiest
Baby tryna find my pad, try and find it, it's great
Everything is in a- everything is in a

Black, abyss
Talk, dismiss
Yeah, drink the crystal white, like p*ss
Yeah, I get off then on my sh*t
Yeah, I get off then on my sh*t
Okay I boom like an arsonist
Spark, I can't pass this sh*t
sh*t it's wack if you pass the sh*t you smoke, then you [?] it b*tch
[?] I'ma pause b*tch
Smooth, I can't stop this
Blowing smoke like a f*cking metal engine I'm the sabbath b*tch (Gango!)
[Verse 2]
Yeah, lean like a f*cking alcoholic
20 dollars in my pocket, It's not in my wallet
Baby bet you tryna find me
Find me where I'm at
Baby girl I'm pistol loaded
Trunckin' in the back
Hop on that Chicago
Baby I do what I can
b*tch I'm in the top like a f*cking ceiling fan
I can never fall
N***a I be in Japan
With that red dot on my mother f*ckin' head

b*tch I see right through you
Just like it was voodoo
I might [?]
I might slide him
I might shoot him
Baby I pull up
I might do, do, do, do, do, do
Baby- hehe

[Verse 3]
Hanging with the dragons I was in the [?]
I was in the after life I wasn't chilling with friends
Then they called me back they said "We need you here on the sand
Yeah we need you Overpade, we needa start it again"
So I pull up from my past life
I pull up with a new knife
A rifle, I'll snipe you right, right from, ah sh*t
You know I move like the boss
Don't got no title, got no rival, yeah I move like some sauce
You can't never hold me
b*tch you couldn't mold me
b*tch I'm like the great
Bet you f*ck n***a couldn't [?] king
b*tch unlike the bars that I'm break out of when I'm in this sh*t
b*tch I'm in that [?] when I'm hitting up the f*cking

Yeah I'm like your brother
From your mother's mother
Upper cut 'em
When I cut 'em
I'ma cut 'em cut 'em
From the gutter
Where I pull up from the f*cking [?]
From the snakes
From the gorund
From the sea floor

[Verse 3]
Breaking through this fine [?]
When I see a pretty girl I'ma fine dine yeah
Baby in my own world it's whole oyster
Baby girl I'm tryna see you tryna get it moister
God damn
I will never find you
Oh, look he's right behind you
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