G Fredo

" High Speed Chase " lyrics

It's Big 2X, (?)

Look, wasn't for that high speed chase I prolly wouldn't be here
Mizzy did that dash
Stepped on that gas
They couldn't even see us
We was moving too fast, ride around with two straps
EM lights tweaking
f*ck, and we ain't even mean it
Had just got off the brace, I was tweaking
Fighting all these demons, I was fighting two counts at the time
If we hadn't got caught, bro woulda been heated
But we ain't give a f*ck
Next day we was right back outside with them heaters
Swerving thru traffic, tryna catch a f*ck n*gga lacking
Don't gotta ask me, I got this
Whenever a killer run into a killer what happеns
b*tch, I know that it ain't magic

[Verse 1]
Shorty, I'ma get up with you f*ck n*ggas real soon
Still on bullsh*t, poppin' out (?) beforе one of my mans do
And if they come ask us, snatching you up
That just means they don't got a damn clue
Try to send one of them n*ggas up like the last one
We drop a 30 or more, you can ask 'em
He was a killer how we outta gas 'em
He wasn't living like that, not in person
All the opps b*tches, bought 'em some purses
They gon' need caskets, they gon need hearses
Cause when we catch 'em, we gonna murk 'em
Throw me a (?), I'm over the (?)
I feel like (?), find me a nemo
Pop out hittin' at his b*tch ass wherever I see 'em
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