"The Ones Who Wait"

[Chorus: Rye Beaumont]
She play real nice since she come my way
A good girl with a picture she paint
And she told me twice on the very first date
There's no chance that she getting first base
She told me twice that she turned up late
The good comes to the one who waits

[Verse 1: Rye Beaumont]
I look 'round see the many girls now playing bunnies
They've been thinkin' that the air's on grime
Make the follow time pound on the money
So I like it whеn a girl wears clothes, she looks nicе
It's just me, it's a preference I like
She should make me work a real life
Be no phones, we just talking all night
Feels real 'cause we're offline
Phones die so we can't hide
Where the money don't look at her now

[Pre-Chorus: Sonny Robertson]
A rollercoaster, girls are wavy
Another poster on a daily
They take their clothes off 'cause you pay 'em
What kind of young girl's minds are we straying?
I tell you
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