"She Said"

[Chorus: Rye Beaumont]
She be looking at me and she sai d
"You've been caught in the dark where your mind's getting lost"
She be looking at me and she said
"'Cause you brought all of love when you're broke once you're cross"
She be looking at me and she said
"If you tried, would you change, maybe I'd be to blame"
She be looking at me and she said
"Different time, different age, would you find me again?"

[Verse 1: Sonny Robertson]
Disgust, she said she done
No fan of change but I can tell she had enough
I'm just wanting one more night before we self-destruct
People talk their sh*t but really who are they to judge?
Scary how the time flies
[?] hearses
Lately I've been high [?] made me touch this
Shocked with all this wi-fi
Toxic [?] sh*t
Meet me for a night drive, baby, we'll discuss this, eh

We'll need a reason why
Some things you can't deny
So stop pretending, maybe just embrace the butterflies
We could be there in twenty
So say the words I'm ready
Don't often feel this envy
But your every word is heavy
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