Lil Ass Motion lyrics


Rx Papi

[Intro: Durkalini]
Ah, I'm the real GOAT!
Yeah, uh huh

[Verse 1: Durkalini]
Money comin' in, it's like paper, it's my twin
'Cause it always come around when I need the sh*t
n*ggas throw salt on my name like I need the b*tch
Run up on Church and you'll get spanked, and I don't need a switch
No, my best friend became the bank, look who I'm textin' with
Boss, all this weight up in my luggage they can't catch me with
Stove, Rollie all up in the kitchen, 'bout to break his wrist
Brought every gun up in the world, ya still ain't takin' sh*t
The world ain't sh*t without a girl, that's why I break the b*tch
These n*ggas buyin' diamond, pearl, my ho can pay for that
I shot the b*tch across the country, hope she make it back
I put a couple n*ggas on, they never paid me back
What the f*ck is n*ggas on? I'm not trippin' 'bout a zone

[Interlude: Durkalini]
Just don't call my f*ckin' phone when that lil ass motion gone
Uh huh, just don't call my f*ckin' phone
When that lil ass motion gone, uh huh
Just don't call my f*ckin' phone when that lil ass motion gone
Uh huh, yeah
[Verse 2: Rx Papi]
Get the f*ck up out my face, ain't with that crazy sh*t
Tryna be laid up with no ho, I be tryna shake a b*tch
b*tch tryna text me sayin' she ain't mean it, then why you sayin' sh*t?
b*tch, I ain't no goddamn video game, so who you playin' with?
My dog said that he was gonna stay down, that n*gga faded quick
Feelin' down, I gotta hit the stu, go get the fader mix
I'm smokin' loud, I'm pullin' it out the pound, I'm on that lazy sh*t
Big forty cal weighin' my Amiris down, up and wave this b*tch
n*gga think I came here to talk to you, I came to talk to the b*tch
I don't even let no ho look in my face, make a b*tch talk to my wrist
All this goddamn money bustin' out my pockets, this sh*t can't even fit
I came to talk to the b*tch, but the b*tch ain't my b*tch, so I can't even trip
She wanna converse, but I'm pleadin' the fifth
You ain't goin' nowhere, get your ass over here
I walk in that b*tch like the man of the year
Baby, sit down, let's get one thing clear
Tris on me matchin' my new Moncler
She said "Papi, I love you, I do, I swear"
Got me askin' myself like "Do I care?"
If I don't say it back, she'll say "Ooh, I dare you"
Can't save your day, I'm not Captain America
Mr. One and Done, baby, I'm tellin' you
Got a couple dollars, I got a dream to sell you
She ain't sound the same, but it all seem familiar
Her pus*y wet, she could sink a building
Scream for the Lord every time I'm in it
Homegirl trippin', told her mind her business
Big body, vroom, gotta climb up in it
[Outro: Durkalini]
Uh huh, yeah
Uh huh
Uh huh, uh huh
Yeah, uh huh
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