N.L.M.B lyrics


Rx Papi

Smoking good gelato
Real Rx

[Verse 1]
Smoking bars back to back, coolin', trying to relax
I might f*ck around in black, I left the kid, she called me back
I been stressed out on the daily, back to back, won't let it faze me
Up this Glock, and I'ma wave it, leave a n*gga all on the pavement
I keep hearing the old lady screaming a bullet done hit her baby
Another bullet, them barely grazed him
f*ck around n*gga, ain't never make it
I'm in that SRT, I'm racing, thinking about my cousin babies
I done sipped so much damn drank, this like my third cup, can't even taste it

[Verse 2]
They tell me I'm crazy, they tell me I'm mad
My mama say I'm gonna go out like my dad
I walk in the house, nutsack full of crack
Pistol on my waist 'til I got my meds
My mama said "baby just slow it down"
I catch an opp, I'm blowing him down
My sister said "boy, why you look like that?"
Caught the opp, they like "why you bid him like that?"
[Verse 3]
All I see is dead bodies, I grew up around dead bodies
Half this city want to rob me, won't happen over my dead body
One day I'm gonna die, probably
'Til then, got my stick, wasabi
My little sister said "why you always buggin'?"
She innocent, she don't really know nothing
It's a bunch of f*cked up sh*t in my brain
No matter how I try, I ain't thinkin' normal
I up this glicky and put it on you
You look confused, but I tried to warn you

[Verse 4]
I f*ck around, rob my mom dad
I f*ck around, rob my mom mom
That's just the bullsh*t that I be on
I know they all smile when I'm dead and gone
If you don't like Papi, eat a di*k
On my tombstone, tell them "suck di*k"
They ain't f*ck with me since a jit, they wanna f*ck with me once I'm lit
I'ma put it on and go hard for you cuz
I done forget about all we done
I get in my feelings, abuse the drugs
Yeah, you know brodie, but you don't know enough
Gun in your hand don't make you tough
You can shoot, don't mean you a killa'
I see my brothers split a quarter in half, that's the meaning of a real n*gga
There's never no one man above the crew
You never judge a book by it's cover
It been N.L.M.B before G Herbo, I never left my brother
I walk in this b*tch like Lil (?)
Came in on ten, leaving on ten
If I could rewind time and do it all again, I wouldn't change sh*t, I would do it the same as him
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