Albino Steve lyrics


Rx Papi

Real Rx
Yeah, yeah

I walked in this b*tch like Albino Steve
I got OG cookie like P90
They don't know much about us, they know we grimy
In the middle of the hood, where you gon' find me
I walk in this b*tch like Rob Zombie
Thirty n*ggas sticked up, mobbing behind me
Up the glick broad day and catch a homi'
I could be anybody, I don't got a ID
I walk in this b*tch like Vince McMahon
Blue and yellow diamonds look like Michigan
The opps shot, they shot and missed again
Papi balling, he never miss the rim
I walk in this b*tch like Stack Bundles
Junkies fighting for the rock, royal rumblе
Get the f*ck out the trap, you ain't shopping
Gеt your sh*t and go, no need to stop here
I walk in this b*tch like Tony Soprano
You talk bullsh*t, I ain't understanding
These n*ggas move like John Travolta
My n*ggas dressed up like twelve and pulled them over
Soon as them n*ggas got a little closer
Hit 'em with a handheld bulldozer
I walk in this b*tch like Carlos Mendez
I'm the most wanted, unapprehended
You fell in love with a video vixen
You trickin' away money that b*tch gon' sniff with
Tax that b*tch every chance I get
If it don't make money then it don't make sense
I'm balling on you n*ggas like Shawn Kemp
Walk in like Vince Carter, honey dip the rip
Dunk on a n*gga like my name Tim
Dunk on a n*gga like my name Slim
These n*ggas move like JJFish
I shoot my shot, I'm not gon' miss
I shoot my shot, a opp get hit
These n*ggas know what the f*ck it is
Walk in and tell you what the f*ck it is
They like, "What the f*ck is up with him?"
Promoter don't want me in this club again
They ain't know we was gon' come up in that b*tch with sticks
I'm not performing no song without my stick
If a b*tch moves wrong, then a b*tch get hit
Jump back in the car, yeah it's me and my stick
Got gang with me and b*tch, gang got sticks
Fah-fah-fah, go to shooting off the rip
Quick Draw McGraw when I pull it off my hip
Walk in this b*tch like long live Pap
Shoot a n*gga in his face like long live him
Hit the n*ggas that he with like long live them
Bury a n*gga and never see 'em again
Finna tattoo murder on my f*cking forehead
This a Audi, not a motherf*cking Corvette
Draco pop a hundred, Corvette Corvette
This b*tch still shooting, I'm not done yet
Walk in this b*tch like the real Rx
And I left out that b*tch like the real Rx
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