Split Decision lyrics


Rx Papi

Real Rx
Yuh, yuh
Real Rx
Yuh, yuh

Coronavirus all over the money
Count that sh*t with my bare hands
Hit a lick, do the Ric Flair dance
Me and cuz used to share pants
Drac' in my hand, I can airbend
Pockets big as Yo Gotti forehead
You goddamn right I got that sack
You b*tch-ass n*ggas can't hold me back
"Oh sh*t, it's them, Neph and Pap"
Walk in this b*tch for no reason in black
Don't beef on the net, we don't get into that
When I bump into him, I'm leaving him flat
Glock going off like a snare drum
Everybody getting hit, we don't spare none
Up the Drac', start doing Santeria
The work don't come back, ay dios mía
Widebody 'Cat, ain't no way you can keep up
Them people ask questions, better say you ain't seen nothing
Try to quit but can't give the lean up
Daddy Yankee Drac' spit gasolina
In the club, you gon' f*ck up your re-up
I don't gotta check the score, I know we up
They turned their back, act like I need them
Tinted up my Carti so I don't see them
Really sold dog from AM to PM
Took OT trips with n*ggas' BM
She think I'm finna put her in a BM
My opps at home wanna be him
They talk 'bout what they gonna do when they see him
But when n*ggas see me they start freezing
Strongarm rob one of you n*ggas for no reason
Like taking candy from a baby, it's too easy
"Don't trust Neph and Pap, them n*ggas greasy"
p*ss on an opp like Flea in Killa Season
My opps run faster than Usain Bolt
Pap in the hood where you can't go
These n*ggas buying guns for show
5.56s'll flip a boat
These n*ggas move weirder than Lil Boat
Pistol whip you with the Glock, break your bone
Drac' going off like bom-bom
No matter how big the load, bet I get it gone
Every fifteen days I get a new phone
On a bean and a Addy, up all night long
In the trap with more white than Post Malone
Think a helicopter tryna follow me home
I forgot how many Percs I was on
If I still got drugs, I'm not going home
I go in the house when the load gone
Me and my brother went down a long road
State to state, I'm still bringing my pole
I refuse to go out sad 'bout a ho
b*tch can't act right then there go the door
Another b*tch walking in when you walking out
It is what it is, what we talking bout
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