Rahkel lyrics


Rx Papi

Real Rx

When I come home, you wanna argue 'bout some sh*t from a week ago
She said, "Papi, you a dog and I know you're doing me wrong"
I said, "Baby girl, you're wrong, 'cause that ain't me or what I'm on"
She said, "Lil n*gga, you's a liar like I ain't been all in your phone"
Tryna put the blame on me, but I can't do it on my own
They say two wrongs don't make sh*t right, but two rights never wrong a wrong
[?], you know damn well I got the pole
Look in your eyes, see something wrong but you gon' tell me ain't nothing wrong
You get to trippin', get to b*tchin', now she tell you leave me 'lone
You keep trippin' 'bout these b*tches, that ain't even what I'm on
She told me, "You ain't got a lot of me, I know I'm what you want"
I said, "Baby, once you get inside here then we gettin' it on"
Can't really talk about my feelings so I put 'em in my songs
You keep acting like we children, why don't we handle it like we grown?
You text my phone, I call your phone
I called too much, you blocked my phone
You call me trippin', I block your phone
You block my 'Gram, I block your 'Gram
You hit my mans, he blocked your number
I hit your friend, she blocked my number
Baby girl got me running in circles
Last time I seen you, I was kinda nervous
I bust your ass all through the night
You made me waffles in the morning
That bed was soft and super comfy
I ain't want you to get up off it
She said you think you a smooth talker
Getting that pus*y, I'm moonwalking
Babygirl bad, she too gorgeous
Need to get me 'bout two daughters
Your last n*gga super broke, your last n*gga super lame
Like on her face she tat my name
She now suck di*k, my b*tch gang gang
I know some times I put you off
I know some times I make you sick
You gon' catch a lil attitude and say you wanna dip
I'ma try to beg you not to go, but f*ck it, here we go again
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