Lamar lyrics


Rx Papi

I ain't nothing like them n*ggas with that fabricated sh*t
I really served slabs of dog, sent my youngins to do hits
When you pull it out the blender, b*tch i'm raw as it could get
Before I seen a rap check, spent two hundred on my kick
Any fiend 'round my block gon' tell you i'm legit
I give Auntie raw dog, I let unc' do the sniff
I told you pus*y ass n*ggas from the jump, b*tch i'm him
Who the one pushing slabs out?
I be living inside a glass house
Try to rob you gon' be asked out
556's take yo ass down
All the neighbors heard was mad sounds
Me and cuz finna pass your ass 'round
Done turned you into gas now
Crackers screaming don't put your hands down
Out of town i'm handing grams out
I give out samplеs to get it jumpin'
Give Auntie a nic bag, insidе it, put my number
It's a line 'round this b*tch
Got them parked bumper to bumper
Real dope boy
I been doing this for seven summers
Get the spot bumpin
Burn this b*tch down, then change my number
I got the grams for the fifty
If you need it just get wit' me
Gave him a plate for 45 'cause he can sell it for the 60
Real dope boy these ain't no gimmicks
They tryna keep up with they image
If you ask me, them n*ggas finished
Chi chi that drac' spittin'
I don't wear lil chains
I really sold cocaine
Really served dog in the rain
Where the f*ck is Daisy Lane
I'm havin my way with this sh*t
Better know I stay wit' it, b*tch
Ain't nun but grave diggers with me
They don't give no f*ck about no rap
To tell the truth I don't neither
You wasn't human when we saw you
We'll turn yo ass into reefa
Pockets fat just like Monique was
Good mood in the trap today, get free dust
Y'all see lil cuz when he creep up
Say it with your chest n*gga, speak up
Amiri's stuffed with the speed bump
All you gotta do is play with me once
They gon' stuff you in three blunts
n*ggas will hide yo f*ckin' body
Make yo momma look for three months
I ain't the one for all the games
n*gga, my name is my name
On my block, I put in pain
I never seen one n*gga on Earth stop the rain
I'm Lamar 'bout that money
I get vicious wit' it n*gga
Jump out cars broad day
I'm a different lil n*gga
Stand toe to toe for my gang
Slit your throat for your chain
Punch your jaw 'till it break
Hand to hand with the base
Auntie came with the shakes
But I still made her wait
I probably would of served her faster but she only had eight
My momma know I sell dope
And it ain't sh*t that she can tell me
Police knockin' at the door
She always try her best to help me
I really wanna be a rapper
But you n*ggas corny
I don't wanna do the sh*t they do
I just want rappin' money
I came from kickin' n*gga's doors, and tellin' cuz grab the money
It ain't sh*t to put a hit on em, when you havin' money
On God
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