STICK EM UP! lyrics




[Verse 1]
b*tch, I got a blicky in my Letterman, I pop 'em like a peppermint
They never win
A pessimist I'll
Sin until
I’m sediment
Wanna let the devil in
Oh no that’s not my religion
That’s what these pus*y mothaf*ckin' rappers do they sell to win
Say they sick
But I'm sicker
That young killa
b*tch it’s heisenberg I'm cookin', bumpin' J Dilla
Fade dealer
That brass knuckle face splitta
Yung SXMPRA poppin' up out the cut that f*ckin' grave digger

Hey b*tch, you know what the f*ck going on?
I've been doing this sh*t since like 2018
Eight-six in the motherf*cking world
Anybody f*cking touching me?
You can still be typing in the f*cking comments though
[Verse 2]
Run for the exit
Back with a vengeance
Like a mothaf*ckin' bandit
Ain’t nobody comin'
With no mothaf*ckin' bandage
Ain’t nobody run it up a mothaf*ck savage
10 bands feel lavish
Broke boy
No cash
Feel damaged
Pop off with the TEC
Then vanish
Gotta leave more for these boys they famished

[Verse 3]
pus*y boy
I’m a mothaf*ckin' animal
Muzzle up my face like, "Hello, b*tch," I am a cannibal
I was in the bathroom rackin' lines with Mr. Hannibal
I said, "Hannibal, it seems your bag is cut with mothaf*ckin panadol"
b*tch, my dogs steady chopping off a brick
And my dogs ready if they get no tick
And my dogs getting peckish, need a bone
I'ma chop it off ya b*tch
And my dogs steady rolling with the clique, b*tch
What the f*ck is up mothaf*ckas?
You are now tuned in to SXMPRA FM 66.6, where you come to make your ears bleed and your mothaf*ckin' brain explode
Tell your aunties, uncles, cousins, and neighbour's dog to tune the f*ck in or else, b*tch
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