Mane I been thinkin' for a while it’s time to turn a new leaf
I’m sick of the same old f*ckin' sh*t
Im boutta' do it for me
I wanna sit back and kick it
Hit this sh*t and ride it with ease
Wanna Let em know
The eater here to stay
I do what I please
Mane I’m a young introvert I’m barely leaving my room
I’m sittin' thinkin' bout life and what the f*ck I’m gonna do
I love my homies and without em I would be doomed
I got my brothers f*ck the world the world I’ll put that sh*t in a tomb
Success is not a measure of material worth
But should reflect upon you name when you’re six feet in the dirt
I’ll leave a legacy that shows I gave a f*ck what I’m worth
And I ain’t sittin' wasting life prayin' for this sh*t to work
Most motherf*ckers just be waitin' to die
Work a 9 to 5
Until they brains end up eventually fried
That ain’t a life
Just period of wasted f*ckin' time
You let these corporate motherf*ckers get up in your feeble mind
Man I’m sick of these motherf*ckers tellin' what I can’t be
Sayin' be realistic just settle for regular cheese
I am what I be
Malevolent g
I’ll settle for whatever the f*ck I wanna settle for ya see
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