Whispers of the Abyss lyrics



Search for the reasons
To keep myself breathing
They see me and deem
Me a demon I'm leaving
A lesion on sight and
I’m Living my life like I might
Have to fight for the right
To be safe in my mind
Have you ever seen a motherf*cker cheat death
Grab a weapon smith and Wesson better take deep breaths
You don't really wanna see him take them three steps
If he comin any closer then there's no time left
Grab a cap and a bat
Never ever hold back
If you do he’s gonna swoop you to the deep dark black
And I mean it when I'm screaming at the black coat back
Motherf*ckers ice cold
And he knows
That's that
Living the life that's been mapped out for me from the moment my soul was complete
Seeing all the things that Im destined to see before I'm in the dirt and deceased
Being the being that demons hate seeing until Im six feet underneath
Never see me sleepin cos I'm keepin on creepin on all the f*ckin pussies that hate up on me
DEATHEATER ain't playing b*tch I came to run this sh*t
I rather rap
Bout a motherf*cker slapped with a baseball bat
All that new age sh*t be sounding real whack
Taking my anger out up on the track cos the track is the only one that don't talk back
And I need to blow up just so I can relax cos I’m
Sick of living everyday like Im f*ckin trapped
Gripping the scythe while he’s ending your life slice You up and dispose of your body in ice
Like a mite he resides in the crevice of time so the rules of the universe do not apply
And he's walking a line that is all but defined he’s defying the laws that were place for our kind
Yet he still collects fines in the form of the lives of the innocent perished at the hands of divines
Screaming to the gods but the never scream back
Get attacked
In my back
From the ones who hate tats
Thinkin bout the things that Imma do before I'm flat
Up in a coffin and the demons take me back down to the hole in the track
Where they all know
And they glow
Radiating evil like a warhead boutta blow
Take another swing and imma bust that f*ckin nose
Deatheater making you pussies explode
When I'm in the building better watch your f*ckin back
Spitting like a rifle pus*y boy I never slack
Firin all of the rounds in my clip and I
Steal a pus*y motherf*ckers cap before I dip
Watch as the reaper is teamed with the eater and slay all of those who dare stand in the way
Watchin the blood dripping from the blade of my scythe after stepping over bodies as I fade in to the night
Every man and woman seems to have their noose tied tight like we're waiting for a slip so we can see eachother die
Children run away and never ever turn back and I’m
Taking motherf*ckers to the deep dark black
Imma stone cold killer when it comes to these tracks
And I'll murder any man and add his body to the stack
Trying to escape the darkness that I have within
But all my choices that I've made are wearing chances of this thin
I've never been the motherf*cker that will say that I give in
And so the demons come on in but the devil will not win
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