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"Fungi / Absence - Jet Jaguar Remix"

(Intro - Lui Tuiasau)
Five dollars rolled up, chewing my face with you in my ear
Blowing my nose up, and then I woke up and you were right there
It's all I remember, or was I just high?
Did that just happen, am I out my mind?

(Hook - Lui Tuiasau)
Absence makes my heart grow fungi
Say, do you want me or stupid junkie
Say, absense makes my heart grow fungi
Say, and my buzz oh is this something

(Verse 1 - Tom Scott)
Do you remember that sh*t? Cause I don't, I was f*cking high
But it was something right? I mean was that just some other time?
It wasn't just me right? I'm not a junkie right?
It wasn't the sea right? I mean I was really gonna cry
Cause we talked like, did we talk? Well we drunk some wine
Actually, I like, I was drunk, outta my f*cking mind
And you, mighta bumped a line or two like a hundred times
But it was something right?
We made lo- I mean we f*cked all night
It was more than that, I never snorted that
If I could've remembered your name, I probably would've called you that
I mean not just talking crap, I'm not that sorta cat
I mean we shared souls, I mean chips outta my quarter pack
And you were somebody I loved, to pretend to trust
You hugged all ten of us but that's just cause you're generous
f*ck the percentages, look that was love
Or was it just real good stuff? I don't know

(Interlude - Lui Tuiasau)
Now this is where I come down
Blowing yellow gunk out my nose on my sleeve
The sun starts to come out, I don't wanna rub your lipstick off my cheek
It's all I remember and I'm not so high I forget
Now that I'm sober I'm still not hung over you yet


(Verse 2 - Tom Scott)
sh*t you look good in that head wrap
With that red hat or was it maroon?
Aw sh*t forget that I said that
Was it your hair or was it the pills that were jet black?
What was the name of the ho-tel that we slept at do you regret that?
Or was it just me or was it the E?
And what if I keep thinking like what if I need I mean I want you
Not like I want you but I want to just
Ask somebody if there was somebody that you might belong to
Cause I think I wanna keep you
I don't know where the hell I am but I swear I'mma tell your man
That I smelt your hair and I held your hand
To help you out the van, when we drove along the countryside
Cause that was nothing right?
Like, just another bumpy ride, end of a drunken night
And just another junkie high
Love, funny guy
I think I'm coming down cause I keep bugging out
About how fun it felt just lying around all night buzzing out
'Member that? Just me and you up in clouds
Or was that someone else? I don't know..

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