"Cryptid Hunt"

Have you ever noticed from the dusk to the dawn
When you're sitting in your house with the lights still on
That there's something outside your window that creeps
And sometimes you swear that you clearly hear weeping?

But we're here to tell you that that's what we're looking for
You say you don't believe and yet you cower and you lock the door
My friend don't even worry about it
It'll be fine
We'll take care of everything no need to lose your mind

Cryptid hunt
We're gonna catch ourselves a monster
Our beliefs are the only needed sponsor
So we'll just wait
With hook and bait
Stay into the night and then even later into the morning
This will be great

Do you ever feel like somebody is watching you?
And you're becoming less sure what is and isn't true?
Everything's confusing and you're becoming terrified
And yet you're not exactly sure as to what the reason why is
Maybe it's because of a conspiracy of ours that there are creatures that can cause humanity's sanity to go sour
Through a million tiny people in the wide and weary world
And with every person's mind a new reality is unfurled
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