Keith Ape


[Intro: Bexey & MTM]
MTM, hit em with the heat

Unapologetic energy when I step
Focused in this b*tch
I don't recognise regrets
Get it done and I roll, ah

[Verse 1: Bexey]
This ones a hard hitter
Stains on my grills from drinking the dark liqour
If you ain't a two-faced hoe
Why'd you bring your mask with ya?
You good at hiding sh*t
Yeah it's hard to work you out

I was in Japan, I let you be the little talk of the town
Demons surround when i'm walking around
Ha, a small amount
No, I don't believe a word you say
But it's the thought that counts
I bring the thunder to your town
Then I pour it down
Say it with my chest
And I say it loud
Nothing they say resonates
They liars, liars
Hot steppa I let the flames on the fire get higher
b*tch, you know I dance through the flames
You can't do the same til you break that mask off your face
You ain't gonna change
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