"End it freestyle"

Okay we ain't got no time so let me just do this listen ayy

Verse 1:
Chase: Times up me and yuxng connected like a plug
School is steady creepin a muthuf*ckin thug
She Bad Lil b*tch and she like to wear a thong
We was feelin bored so we had to make a song
My girl made the beat so I had to show off
Can't do it like me I'm a muthuf*ckin hype beast
Syke b*tch I can see u really thought u had me
Whole other level ain't the same with the mic b*tch
Try me b*tch n*gga really wanna try me
Wеn I'm done with u ur body lost they can't find it
Heart was cold till shе found a way to warm it
But only for her y'all n*ggas on my black list
Yuxng say there's trouble i pull no questions
My brother u touch him ur life I'll end it

Verse 2:
2YUXNG : End it, end it
Glock on head like pay me
Man too wasted daily
I hate school like pregnancy
Love her pus*y naked
Got myself new faces, these b*tches acting starangie
These boys we come from trenches
My life is full of phases, your life is still on probation
Yeah yeah
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