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[Intro: yvngxchris]
Yvngxchris in this b*tch and you rockin’ with [?], n*gga

[Verse 1: yvngxchris]
n*gga, who at my do’?
I got a white plug and that n*gga named Joe
Why you f*ckin’ on thotties you don’t even know?
She gon’ slide to the beat, yeah, and give me a show
And that n*gga down terrible, he goin’ sad
Got a badass b*tch and she callin’ me dad
She callin’ me daddy, b*tch, I am ya father
I’m not lovin’ no b*tch, I’m in love with the guala
If you not givin’ top then shawty, that’s a problem
I’ma kick that b*tch out and decide I’m a [?]
And lil shawty said [?] but that n*gga was absent
b*tch, I was down bad on my di*k, I ain’t have sh*t
If a n*gga talk brazy put him in a casket
I was lightin’ that za, man, that sh*t got me gassin’
I just f*cked a Latina, that ho name was Jasmine
I can’t beef with a pus*y n*gga or a has been
I cannot beef with a pus*y n*gga that don’t got no bread
I coulda been a f*ckin’ bum, I chose to get money instead
Tekashi 6ix9ine lookin’ ass, I heard you workin’ with the feds
These .556s really pushin’ n*ggas Civics back
Man, I can’t love no b*tch, I’m breakin’ hearts there ain’t no fixin’ that
I heard you turned yo’ back up on the gang just for these b*tches, slatt
You simpin’ over hoes, my n*gga let’s just go and get the stack
Remember I was down bad, I was really never missin’ that
Damn, man, a young n*gga really don’t miss it
Yeah, now I got the money, and I got the clout, and now hoes wanna f*ck on young Christian
Yeah, now I got the MAC-11 on my body, my n*ggas be bringin’ them sticks in
My shawty be suckin’, she lickin’
If I get the money, n*gga, I’ma split it
You said that you rob it, n*gga, no you didn’t
[Verse 2: paranoiaxo]
Paranoia, I hate you
Jus-just hopped in the Bentley truck, I got the semi tucked
Now why the opp n*ggas always tryna f*ck with us?
Don’t f*ck with lil bro 'cause he cry like a b*tch
He cry like a b*tch, be talkin’ that sh*t, push up with gang, show him what it is
And after that sh*t I had to disappear
Me and Chris shootin’ up, give a f*ck 'bout our peers
[?] give a f*ck ‘bout a beer
He not goin’ nowhere, it is what it is
It is what it is, how could you complain?
He talkin’ on Christian so I had to spray
My [?] push up right now, like, on the way
Yvngxchris is my n*gga, I ain’t have it pay
So-so I could care less what y’all gotta say
I got off my ass, could care what you say
I’m only 16, could care what you say
I just popped a bean and it gettin’ spaced
The Glock and the [?] where you lay
I feel so bad for you
You f*ck with me, I f*ck with you
You talkin’ sh*t, I’ll shoot at you
He talkin’ down, I’ll shoot him too
White-white girl wasted off the boot
Just ho-
Just hopped in the Bentley truck, I got the semi tucked
Why the opp n*ggas always wanna f*ck with us?
She can get [?] she don’t f*ck with us
He talkin’ on gang, b*tch, I had enough of him
This sh*t hit a million, b*tch, I need another one
b*tch, I ain’t quittin’ 'til I get another one
b*tch, I ain’t quittin’ 'til I get another one, on gang
[Outro: paranoiaxo]
I hope I did better for you n*ggas that call me complete dog sh*t
At the end of the day I didn’t give a f*ck anyway, on gang
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