The Weeknd

"Price On My Head (freestyle)"


Xo xo dubtee dubtee

Dubs up in this bihhhh


(Verse 1)

I’m already dead b*tch Ima a zombie
Why main chick wanna wanna call me
If she a bougie Judie that is all me
No no no we don’t talk to police
I, must confess I, be smoking all time
I’ma mess, all this that’s kush in my chest
Haters wanna take my breathe, I’m always in the next
Plays to intercept, got married to the game I invest my time
And you never mind to put me on the side
You keep talking from the sidelines
Watch me chase these dollar signs
You wanna hop online talking all that bull sh*t
We know you’ll never would do sh*t
Yeah I know your type you're the type fallen into hype
Talking when they see me it’s on sight
When you see me it’s like you lost your sight
Or lost that energy Why you have hate for me

Hate for me


Price on my head they want me dead
The funny thing is I’m already dead
Ima take this henny to the head
And take your girlfriend to my bed


Xo xo dubtee dubtee
I’m in my zone

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