The Weeknd: From Stereo to Spatial lyrics


The Weeknd

[Zane Lowe]
When we say that Spatial Audio with Dolby Atmos is the future of music, that's not hype. It's just what we hear. To listen to a song in Atmos is to experience it in an entirely new way. One that opens up a whole world of possibilities, the fans, and artists alike. It's a difference you can really hear and feel. And once you do, there's just no going back. It's a total game-changer. To illustrate just how massive the leap is, we've made this audio guide to walk you through it. All you need is a pair of The Weeknd's 2020 smash, "Save Your Tears."

*"Savе Your Tears" plays.*

Stereo sеnds all of the song's information through two channels, on your left, and on your right. Abel's voice, that lone acoustic guitar. All of it sounds great, but that's because this what we use to hearing. Could be so much more, which brings us to Dolby Atmos. You can feel the way the synths seem to float towards the sky, or cascade all around you. Notice how the basses come alive, like it's swimming in the chest. But what about the closeness of his vocals? It feels like you're in the middle of the music. Like you've stepped into a new world you can explore again and again. This song is a modern classic, but it's fair to say that still, never heard it quite like this. Think about how it's going to feel the first time you hear all of your favorite songs on Dolby Atmos. Imagine how it would shape songs that haven't even been written yet. Music really is about to change forever, let's go.
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