Are You Here lyrics


RXK Nephew

On my worst days, I won’t give up
Granny said “walk around with yo chin up”
Plugg callin’ bout his money
He ain't even being funny
sh*t get bad, I go through sh*t
Ion think nobody know that sh*t
I ain't got it like that so the plug dead it
sh*t that I did ion really regret it
The sh*t that I said, I already said it
b*tch say she down but givin me headaches
Get the f*ck away from me, you ain't grindin’
Sack in my hand disappear like the Mayans
Get on the boot and feel like I’m flyin’
Heart racin’ I feel like im dying
Sometimes I wake up I’m tired of trying
On my worst days I’m grinding
Walk in that b*tch and ball like an All-Star
Pack up, we all gone
Ain’t no room left, my heart gone
Get the f*ck out my facе, walk off
Bro switched up, used to be my dawg
Disrеspect my n*ggas *BOW* get knocked off
In the trap (?) hamburgers and hotdogs
Say whatchu want get yo rocks off
Say what you want but none em popped off
Lil change get em knocked off
Step in that b*tch like the Top Dog
Who gon’ spend it when we all gone?
If I die, how I’m gon’ spend the money?
All my life worried bout spending money
Spending my whole life tryna get the money
We gon’ spend it hittin at a opp n*gga
Blood runnin through my veins that sh*t feel cold
Had to use the stove when it was cold
Ion need no features, did it on my own
Had a tat on my face since twelve years old
Don’t ask me who snitchin, ion know
These n*ggas cappin they don’t ride with no poles
I don’t ride with no Vatos
On my worst days I just wanna give up
I ain’t wanna get up but still got up
Can’t take it on the chin? Ima shoot the sh*t up
I (?) n*gga who I shot at
Ima glorify where my block at
RXK b*tch can't top that
Get a deal, invest where the stocks at
I ain't go to college, I went to jail
Anything I learned, learned it all myself
These n*ggas tellin’ on theyself
I been robbin’ since Keenan & Kel
I understand it when you from the streets
You want them to listen when you speak
b*tch hear you, but they not listenin
You on a mission now you onto different sh*t
On my worst days ima stick to the plan
On my broke days ima still chase bands
When I’m broke I can’t help but take bands
Can’t tell if they with me, or if they a fan
They sayin sh*t tryna f*ck with my head
I love my cousins I do it for them
For my daughters grandma and my mommas kid
RXK x7
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