Immortal Technique G4tv Freestyle lyrics


Immortal Technique

I won’t rhyme about
Putting a hole in your dome
I get Israeli on you
I put a hole in you home

Holding the chrome rocket propelled grenade launcher
I get paid to murder motherf*ckers like the contras

Weapon scandal
I handle the gamble of making examples
Hannibal, elephant trample mandible samples

Curve surfing on you little bast*rd n***as
Its not a movement if you don’t own your masters n***a
You asked me to spit a freestyle
But here’s the difference:
A freestyle is some sh*t that was never in existence
Like the sh*t that I’m kicking now
The sh*t with the know-how
The sh*t the I’m proud

Immortal Technique, the last Mohican on the warpath kid
Shoulda gone to jail forever for the crimes that I did
But Im chilling like a Frigidaire, I never care
Immortal technique, the freestyle off the mental
Immortal technique, I don’t recognize this instrumental
But I guess you made it up just a moment ago
Im rocking slow, I’m rocking it fast
Immortal technique, I was never late for class I just didn’t show up
f*ck it! immortal technique rolling truck
Immortal technique, I said my name too many times
But that’s what happens when you’re spitting freestyle rhymes
And you just say the first thing that come to your head

Like I like some cheeseburger with a little nice bread
f*ck it I rhyme about whatever, I’m kind of hungry
Immortal technique, my pockets full of money
And some of y’all ain’t, but if you’re mad at me

Then f*ck you n***a, and I can still freestyle
And that didn’t rhyme, it’s just offensive
And it just gets relentless
Immortal technique, not repetitive
But except when I say my name, not a sedative
It gets you lived up, it gets you crazy, it gets you hype
It gets you ready to f*ck your girl tonight

That means I’m responsible for your baby being born
I’m responsible for a lot of sh*t
You could call me a terrorist, cuz I attack in response
Immortal technique, yeah I drop bombs
And that’s what happens, immortal technique never been platinum
I guess I said my name so many times
But that’s so you could remember it
So many rhymes that I spit
And that’s the way we market chin

Its ingrained in your mind like them commercials you hate
Immortal technique, I’m still making this page
I know you gon hate this sh*t when you play it back
Cuz you be like, damn how many times he said his name on the track
But f*ck it. I’ll say it again: Immortal technique
f*ck you! That’s the end
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