Parasite (Remastered) lyrics


Vane Lily

[Verse 1]
Something serious is coming over me
Something evil's infiltrated my body
It's suffocating being unable to see
What I'm becoming as disease takes over me

Something serious has found its way to me
Burning my veins and destroying my body
I'm panicking as the former me recedes
In their place stands a monster smiling

[Verse 2]
Maybe there's a chance to save me
Maybe the disease will take me
I'm trapped insidе a monster that
Looks just like me

Say this dеstroys my body
And leaves me a catastrophe
I'm terrified that I'm forgetting
What once was me

[Chorus 1]
First infection takes its hold
And leaves my body deathly cold
It's killing me, but I can't help but
Feign apathy
Soon after my skin is torn
Upon raw skin a new face is born
So I cannot see as the parasite takes over me

It feels like my body's caving in
Every diseased cell feels so foreign
But each time my condition worsens
My fears disappear and my will lessens

But you're why my
Life's caving in
Your disease
Is so foreign
But each time you
Damage me some more
I almost find
Myself wanting more, but

[Bridge 2]
Why was I worried?
There's nothing wrong with me
All this "plague" has done is improve my body
I'm striving now 'cause I'm unable to see
What you've done to become a part of me
Why am I worried?
Is something wrong with me?
I'm recalling the person I used to be
I'm horrified of what's become of me
"A monster," says the mirror, solemnly

[Verse 3]
I've been eaten from the inside out
And I can't even cry for help
I've gotten lost and I can't find my way out

If I don't fight back then you'll make me
A shell of what I used to be
But I won't ever let you do that to me

[Verse 4]
I've become a part of you
And I've ensured you'll die without me too
'Cause you've lost everything
But I'll stay with you

You'll say I'm a "parasite", but
You've become a friend of mine
So if that's true, then you've become
A plague like me, too
[Chorus 2]
Tear away from your cold hold
Destroy the bones that you called home
It's killing me but I'll be taking
You down with me

Sever all the ties we had
It's freeing me but hurts so bad
It's misery but I know you're
Dependent on me

[Final Chorus]
Finally, the plague is gone
But still, I know that something's wrong
'Cause part of me was destroyed and I
Had failed to see

Did I win, or did he
Succeed in the end
I can't tell when all that once was mine
Was lost when I fell to the parasite
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